Tragedy in Alexandria: Where does America go from here?

The perpetrator of the Alexandria attack is responsible for his own behavior. However, nothing we say or do exists in a vacuum — our words and actions reverberate into society and impact others.

It is time for America to take a major time out and engage in some serious introspection.

People need to think: Has any of my rhetoric inflamed tensions, creating a fertile environment for the unhinged to feel justified in their violent actions?

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Be Open to ‘Wildcards’ in Your Career Path and Life

Intuition and imagination have always been extremely important to me. In fact, I believe they are the cornerstones of innovation. These tools (arguably both logical and spiritual in nature) are also very useful in navigating one’s career path and life.

Intuition and imagination can be used to foster ‘wildcards’ – unexpected and seemingly magical outcomes. Please bear with me as I weave a real-world yarn based on current and past events in my career path and life.

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Opportunity for Unity: Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2017

One of the biggest drags about eight years under Obama was the oppressive cloud of negativity we had to schlep through. Very little was done in Washington to make our lives better.

In fact, our lives were generally made worse via an overreaching federal bureaucracy micromanaging what bathrooms people should use…

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